Syrup Contest 2022

Feb. 5th @ Festival of the Rose

Contest details * Basic recipe * Period recipes

In order to:
  • Replenish the Guild’s supply of syrups for the snow cone booth
  • Bring more attention to making syrups
  • Remind people that syrups are period
  • Have a fun contest …

The Right Noble Brewers Guild Of Caid would like to invite everyone to enter a contest of sweet or tart syrups at Festival of the Rose on February 5, 2022, showing off our non-alcoholic drink and ice embellishments.

Event details: Google Calendar, Facebook

Contest Details

There will be a Judge’s Choice and a People’s Choice award.

Prizes: ceramic vessels by notable artists.

Entrants are required to bring
      • 1 wine-bottle sized (fifth) containers of each syrup entry (use your best label)
      • A copy of the ingredient list or recipe

Whatever syrup is left over of each entry will be used at the booth during Snow Cone season at the guild’s renowned “Alpine Ice” Kingdom Fundraiser. Winning syrups will bear the winner’s medal for as long as they last! [Please, please make more?]

Documentation is not required, but for the Judge’s Choice contest, out of 100 points:
  • 5 points will be awarded for including a complete ingredient list and / or recipe
  • 3 MORE points will be awarded for documenting that the ingredients you used were used in period

Full details of the Judge’s Choice scoring can be found in the Judge’s Choice Judging Form

Basic Recipe

If you haven’t made syrups before, here’s a basic syrup recipe:
  • Syrup base: Boil 1 part sugar in 2 parts water until the sugar dissolves, then let it cool
  • Flavoring: For each 2 cups of water, add three tea bags of spice tea of your choice, or a sandwich bag of berries or other flavorful fruit
  • Aging: Put away in a dark place and ignore for a week
  • Finishing: Filter out stuff, and taste it. If you want more flavor, repeat from the Flavoring step!
  • Enjoy and be creative!

Period Recipes from Baroness Selene Colfox

If you’re looking for more period recipes ….  Syrups, By Primary Ingredient. Compiled by Baroness Selene Colfox (Susan Fox) are 30+ Medieval syrup recipes. They use: sugar, honey, vinegar, flowers, fruit, and/or herbs.

Try one, try several, use them as a base to invent new recipes, or whatever makes you happy!!