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Kingdom of Caid

3rd Annual InterKingdom Brewing Competition
Great Western War X - October 6, 2007


The contest had 38 entries from 15 contestants..

Best of Show
Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Raspberry Vinegar
  Beer Wine Other
1st Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Cherry Fever Stout
Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Merlot Pyment
Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Raspberry Vinegar
2nd Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Irish Red Ale
Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Blood Orange Mead
Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Strawberry Basalmic Vinegar
3rd Maximillian D'erembourg
Dark Molasses Ale
Douglass raudskegg
Anaheim Pepper Capsimel
Carmel Apple Pie

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