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We take judging seriously.

In order to advance as brewers, we need a fair and consistent yardstick to measure our efforts against, and we need feedback and constructive comments on how our efforts compare to the ideal.

To that end, the Guild’s Charter charges us to provide training to create a corps of certified judges for Guild and other tasting events. Our contests and rank advancement tastings are judged by trained tasters who spend a considerable amount of time taking classes and honing their skills along side our Senior Judges.

Some of our judges also judge for the Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County Fairs, as well as other non-SCA tasting activities. In the SCA you can see them at work at Great Western War (where the Guild sponsors a multi-kingdom contest), Potrero War, Highland War, King’s Hunt, and other local brewing contests.

Judging may sound like a lot of fun (and it is), but it’s also a lot of work. Getting it right is not a trivial endeavor, but our judges take the time to do it right and do their best to provide useful and helpful comments and critiques.

To Be a Brewing Judge

You don’t have to be a Brewer to be a Brewing Judge. It just takes classes and understanding the various concepts behind the judging.

And you don’t have to become a judge for the classes to be useful! The classes will help you understand what you’re tasing, and if you a brewer, help you understand what the judges are looking for.

To that end the Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid offers classes for those people who might be interested in becoming judges or just interesteing in learning more about how to taste. For those who are already Judges there are classes to upgrade your judging level.

You say “Why would I be interested in being a Judge?”  The benefits are that you will get to taste and drink brew from all over the Kingdom . We have in the past also had our judges get asked by the LA, Riverside, and Orange County Fairs to help Judge.

There are many wars and other events that need  brewing judges. Judges are also in hight demand at Guild meeting to advise members on their brews and score them for rank advancement.

Brewers Guild Judging Form – Food
Brewers Guild Judging Forms – Beverages

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If you have questions about Guild trained and certified judges, or would like to become a Guild judge (or just take the training classes to help improve your own brewing), contact the Judge Coordinator.