History of the Brewers Guild


The Charter of the Brewers Guild


The Guildmasters of the Brewers Guild

2022-2023      Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
2020-2021       Hallr brjost Starsson
2018-2019       Madeline de la Gate
2016-2017       Hallr brjost Starsson
2014-2015       Reinhardt Medebruer
2012-2013       Donal O’Brien
2010-2011       Reinhardt Medebruer

2008-2009       Donal O’Brien

2007-2008       Therese of the White Griffin
2005-2006       Therese of the White Griffin
2003-2004       Timotheus Zacharia
2001-2002       Kurt von Ariksleva
1999-2000       Therese of the White Griffin
1997-1998       Kurt von Ariksleva
1995-1996       Timotheus Zacharia
1994-1995       Wolf Dietrich
1992-1993       Einar aus Enwelt
1991-1992       Timotheus Zacharia 
1990-1991       Einar aus Enwelt
1989-1990       Timotheus Zacharia 
1988-1989       Ambros Celidonis
1987-1988       Timotheus Zacharia 
1986-1987       Atar Bahktar



The Chronological History

1985  September
Organization meeting held at the abode of Timotheus. 7 Brewmasters present


1985  December 
Brewers Council formed. Elections held.
Bylaws confirmed.
Goals established.
Mead making class held.
14 present


1986  January 
Guildmaster           Atar (GM)
Secretary               Yasmeen (AP)
Exchequer             Evron (AP)
Cellermaster          Einar (M)
Master                    Ambros Timotheus
Council meets and discusses branches.
Sampling and tasting of Reislings from Germany, France, California, and Washington. Also homebrew.
Discussion of what to look for in a good wine, and how to set up for a tasting.
One batch of mead brewed by the lower ranks with Atar and Timotheus supervising.


1986  March      
Tour of Salvang wineries.
No business.


1986  June     
Officers shift on Council. 2nd version Bylaws passed. Member tastings of Kahlua, Irish Cream, German Stout, and Concord Port. Class on closures and tastings. Beer making workshop.


1986  September
Council passes 3rd version of Bylaws. Class of Champagne and Sparkling wines. Member tastings.


1986  October   
Taught classes at Collegium


1986  December       
Council passes 4th version of Bylaws.
Member tasting at Party.
Average Attendance for the year was 13 per meeting.
Members by territory
Angels         7 –  37%
Gyldenholt   6 –  33%
Altavia         5 –  30%


1987  January    
Guildmaster          Timotheus (M)
Chronicler             Yasmeen(AP)
Exchequer             Evron (AP)
Cellermaster          Einar (M)
Master                   Ambros (M)
Atar (GM)


1987  February   
Brewers Council arranges contest set for Crown.
Contest is for Label and Badge.
Committee formed and instructed.
Member tastings.
Brewmaster teaches a Mead making class to MENSA.


1987  March  
Brewers Council discusses delinquent dues.
Grandmaster teaches Mead making class to Beekeepers Ass. of S Cal


1987  April     
Tour of Temecula.


1987  June  
Brewers Council meets.
Classes on Liquers and Wine judging.
Member Tastings


1987  September
Plans for Crown finalized.


1987  December
Years attendance of membership is 35%
Members by territory
Angels           9 –  38%
Altavia           7 –  30%
Gyldebholt     5 –  20%
Dreiburgen    3 –  12%


1988  January
Guildmaster        Ambros (M)
Chronicler          Timotheus (M)
Exchequer          Margare (AP)
Cellermaster       Einar (M)
Master                Atar (GM)


1988  June   
Discussion about dry sites.
Labels and Badges voted on.


1988  July    
Statement about dry sites.
Additions to Bylaws.
Estrella War discussed.
Bylaws signed into Charter I by Dietrich and Deshive.


1988  September
Committees formed for work in several areas.


1988  November 
General business. Tastings. Party. Average attendance 40%


1989  January
Guildmaster            Timotheus II (M)
Chronicler                Musa (AP)
Exchequer               Margare (AP)
Cellermaster            Einar (M)
Masters                   Ambros (GM)
Atar (GM)
Brief Council meeting to start Gyldenholt Branch
Branchmaster          Kevan
Secretary                 Rosemary


1989  June
Brewers Council.
Possible event to sponsor.
Charter II signed by Dietrich II and Deshive.
Central Branch started
Branchmaster          Timotheus
Secretary                 Margare


1989  December
Party. Membership is 30 with average attendance of 35%
Members by Territory
Angels             10   33%
Altavia               9   30%
Gyldenholt         6   20%
Dreiburgen         5   17%


1990  January
Guildmaster            Einar (M)
Chronicler               Musa (AP)
Exchequer              Margare (AP)
Cellermaster           Lynnette (AP)
Masters                  Atar (GM)
Timotheus (M)
Branchmaster        Kevan (Gyldenholt)
Secretary               Rosemary
Branchmaster        Margare (Central)
Secretary               Timotheus


1990  June
Another attempt at Guild Device. Problems with the Banquet and Ball event are discussed and people working to solve problems.


1990  December
The event that had been scheduled for October had been cancelled.
This meeting went over the problems that had plagued the event and came up with ways to prevent it if another attempt was made.
Membership was 35 with average attendance of 20%.


1991  January
Guildmaster            Timoitheus III (M)
Chronicler               Gabrielle (AP)
Exchequer               Lynnette (AP)
Cellermaster           Einar (M)
Masters                  Atar (GM)
Branchmaster        Wolf (Gyldenholt)
Secretary       ——-
Central branch disbanded


1991  June
New policies for meetings.


1991  December
Party. Discussion about Charter. Membership is 45 with average attendance of 30%.
Members by Territory
Angels              10    22%
Dreiburgen       10    22%
Altavia                9    20%
Gyldenholt          6    14%
Heatherwyne      4      9%
Lyondemere       4      9%
Calafia                2      4%


1992  January
Guildmaster            Einar II (M)
Chronicler               Timotheus (M)
Exchequer               Lynnette (JNY)
Cellermaster            ——-
Masters                   Atar (GM)
Branchmaster         Wolf (Gyldenholt)
Secretary                  ——-
Creation of Eastern Branch
Branchmaster         Gavin
Secretary                Kurt


1992  March
Special question answer meeting for membership.
Wolf Dietrich made a Brewmaster.


1992  July
Everyone likes Newsletter.
Courses at Collegium. Upcoming Guild classes described.


1992  September
Creation of Over the Hill Branch
Branchmaster                      Valeria
Secretary                             Donn
Recreation of Central Branch
Branchmaster                      Bjorn
Secretary                             Sarah


1992  October
Charter III signed by Timothy I and Trista.
Membership is 80 with average attendance of 25%.


1993  January
Guildmaster            Timotheus IV (M)
Chronicler                ——-
Exchequer               Lynnette (JNY)
Cellermaster            ——-
Masters                   Atar (GM)
Branchmaster          Wolf (Gyldenholt)
Secretary                 ——-
Central branch disbanded. Newsletter becomes quarterly.


1993  February
Classes at Collegium.


1993  June
New policies for meetings. Desert Branch attempts to set up.


1993  August
Discussion on changing the Brewing Divisions and class structure.


1993  December
Discussion about Charter.
Membership is 80 with average attendance of 20%
Members by Territory
Eastern Branch
(Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne)   20           25%
Angels                                   13           17%
Altavia                                   12           16%
Gyldenholt Branch                10           12%
Over-the-Hill Branch Branch   9           11%
Dun Or                                    6             7%
Lyondemere                            6             7%
Calafia                                     4             5%


1994  January
Guildmaster            Wolf (M)
Chronicler               Timotheus (M)
Exchequer               Lynnette (JMN)
Cellermaster           ——-
Masters                   Atar (GM)
Branchmaster         Gavin (Eastern)
Secretary                Kurt
Branchmaster         Wolf (Gyldenholt)
Secretary                ——-
Branchmaster         ——- (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary                 ——-


1994  March
Several major factions on the discussion of the new Divisions.


1994  July
Everyone liked the newsletters


1994  October
More discussion on the Divisions


1994  December
Membership was 80 with average attendance of 25%.


1995  January
Guildmaster            Timotheus V (M)
Chronicler               Therese (AP)
Exchequer              James (AP)
Cellermaster            ——-
Masters                  Atar (GM)
Branchmaster         ——-
Secretary                Kurt
Branchmaster        Wolf (Gyldenholt)
Secretary                ——-
Branchmaster        Alesandra (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary               Conor
Branchmaster        Eoghann (Bobs)
Secretary               Clota


1995  March
More discussion on Charter changes.


1995  June
Additional Charter discussion


1995  September
Exchequer office is vacant.
Discussion and passing of two year term for Council officers.


1995  December
Membership was 80 with average attendance of 25%.


1995 December
Divisions and Ranking decided upon.
Collegium classes decided on.
Members by Territory
Eastern Branch

(Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne)      20     33%
Bobs Branch (Nordwach)        20      33%
Gyldenholt Branch                   11      16%
Over-the-Hill Branch Branch
(Wintermist)                             10      15%
Lyondemere                              5         7%
Dun Or                                      3         4%
Calafia                                      2          3%


1996  February
10th Anniversary potluck and tasting.
Judging forms and requirements.


1996  April
Chronicler office Vacant.


1996  June
Finalizing all paperwork of the Guild


1996  August
Eoghann takes on the task of restarting the newsletter.


1996  September
Kingdom Brewing Contest.
Signing of Guild Charter IV by Edric and Albra.


1996  November


1997  January
Guildmaster            Kurt (JMN)
Chronicler               Eoghan (APP)
Exchequer              See below
Masters                   AtarTimotheus
Branchmaster         Wolf Dietrich (Gyldenholt)
Secretary                 ——-
Branchmaster         Angus MacMichael (Heatherwyne)
Secretary                Kurt von Ariksleva
Branchmaster         Alesandra Molotova (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary                Conor Andrew McEwan
Branchmaster         Clota NiGabhann (BoBS)
Secretary                Oriana Nicola Courtenay
Cellermaster Position now dropped.


1997  February
Ran very successful Tavern at GWW I


1997  March
More discussion on all the possible changes to the Charter. Lecture on Fruit wine. Award banquet suggested. Clota becomes Exchequer.


1997  June
Quiet tastings and settling of the Guild


1997  August
The Judges had an unheard of number of entries in Pentathlon to deal with.


1997  October
Winery tour of Philo’s


1997  November
At Coronation the Guild was made a Right Noble Guild


1997  December
Quiet meeting with everyone having a good time
Members by Territory
Bobs Branch (Nordwach)                            23    27%
Over-the-Hill Branch Branch (Wintermist)   15    18%
Eastern Branch (Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne 14    17%
Starkhavn                                                      8    10%
Dun Or                                                           7      8%
Altavia                                                            7      8%
Lyondemere                                                   3      4%
Angels                                                            3      4%
Gyldenholt Branch                                         2      2%
Calafia                                                           1      1%
Isles                                                               1      1%


1998  January
“Walking the Boards” Party


1998  March
Darach tries to start a Guild Branch.
Guild council meeting at their setup meeting.


1998  June
Working on trying to get outlying areas involved with the Guild


1998  August
Working on trying to get outlying areas involved with the Guild


1998  November
Verify Officers.
Voting for next slate of Officers.


1999  January
Guildmistress           Therese (JMN)
Chronicler                 Eoghan (APP)
Exchequer                Clota (APP)
Masters                    Atar
Branchmaster          Angus MacMichael (Heatherwyne)
Secretary                 Kurt von Ariksleva
Branchmaster          Alesandra Molotova (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary                 Conor Andrew McEwan
Branchmaster          Clota NiGabhann (BoBS)
Secretary                 Oriana Nicola Courtenay
Gyldenholt Branch is shut down- no activity and Branchmaster is involved with preparing to move. “Walk the Boards” party.


1999  March
Tomiki and Lucianna sign the Charter V.


1999  July
Council at Darkwell War. Invest a new Branch-Dun Or with Branchmistress Linda del Lago and judging of the Brews on site.
Problems happening due to rulings by Kingdom Seneschal.


1999  October
GWW III Ran two tastings.


1999  December
“Walk the Boards” Party
Members by Territory
Bobs Branch (Nordwach)                            13    27%
Over-the-Hill Branch Branch (Wintermist)   10    15%
Eastern Branch (Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne)  9    13%
Starkhavn                                                      8     12%
Dun Or                                                           7     10%
Altavia                                                           7      10%
Lyondemere                                                  3        4%
Angels                                                           3        4%
Gyldenholt Branch                                        2        3%
Calafia                                                           1        1%
Lemoore                                                        1        1%


2000  May
Major rewrite for Guild Charter.
Due to Bob’s Branch failure and Officers dropping out several new officers had to be found.
The Guild was still reeling from the blows from Kingdom.
A lot of work was being done to counter the problems.


2000  July
Darkwell War, Council and Judging of War Brewing Contest.
Guild paperwork was in a bad state and a lot of documents were missing.
With special work over the next two years using personal notes many of the documents would be relocated or “recreated”


2000  September
Continued work to rebuild Guild and counter Kingdom problems


2000  October
Sponsored Tea at GWW


2000  November
Continued work to rebuild Guild and counter Kingdom problems


2001  January
Guildmaster            Kurt II (JMN)
Chronicler               ——-
Secretary               Timotheus (M)
Exchequer             Lynnette (JMN)
Masters                  Atar
Branchmaster        Angus MacMichael (Heatherwyne)
Secretary               Jeanne Maria
Branchmaster        Alesandra Molotova (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary               Conor Andrew McEwan
Branchmaster        Linda del Lago (Dun Or)
Secretary                ——-
“Walk the Boards” Party


2001  April
Brewing Judge Class 5 attendees


2001  July
Darkwell War Judging and Council Meeting


2001  October
Paperwork almost recovered and is at point where copies of everything is being passed about to help prevent loss.


2001  December
“Walking the Boards” Party well attended with 23 Members by Territory
Over-the-Hill Branch (Wintermist)        11     19%
Eastern Branch
(Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne)                  10     18%
Dun Or Branch                                      8      13%
Altavia                                                   8      13%
Lyondemere                                          4        7%
Nordwache                                            4       7%
Starkhavn                                              4       7%
Angels                                                   4       7%
Gyldenholt                                             3       5%
Calafia                                                   2       3%
Lemoore                                                1       1%


2002  January
Charter VI signed by Edric III and Catalina


2002  February
Created new Angels Branch.
Purged membership.
Guild Booth went well with possible new members.
Discussion on handouts.
Discussion about web page.
Our forms were used at a County Fair tasting.


2002  April 13
Kings Hunt Judging and Council Meeting


2002  April 20


2002  June
Festival of the Rose-booth


2002  July
Darkwell Council and Judging


2002  August
Kingdom Arts-booth


2003  January
Guildmaster            Timotheus (M)
Chronicler               Therese (JMN)
Secretary                 ——-
Exchequer               Lynnette (JMN)
Masters                   Atar
Branchmaster         Jeanne Marria (Heatherwyne)
Secretary                ——-
Branchmaster         Lishka (Over-the-Hill)
Secretary                 ——-
Branchmaster         Linda del Lago (Dun Or)
Secretary                ——-
Branchmaster         Therese (Angels)
Secretary                 Agnarr
“Walk the Boards” Party


2003  April
Kings Hunt – Judging of Contest.
Council at Inland Empire Branch


2003  July
Darkwell War Judging and Council Meeting


2003  September
Crown Tourney-Info Table


2003  October
Kingdom Guild meeting at GWW.
A couple of Policy changes discussed


2003  December
“Walking the Boards” Party well attended with 23
Members by Territory
Eastern Branch
(Dreiburgen-Heatherwyne)               15
Nordwache                                        12
Altavia                                               11
Angels                                               10
Lyondemere                                        8
Dun Or Branch                                    3
Over-the-Hill Branch (Wintermist)       1
Starkhavn                                            1
Gyldenholt                                           1


2004  January
“Walking the Boards” Party and classes


2004  April
Kings Hunt – Judging of Contest.
Council at Wintermist


2004  July
Darkwell War Judging and Council Meeting


2004  September
Guild Council in Angels


2004  October
GWW, Contest and Guild meeting
Grandmaster          1
Brewmaster            1
Journeyman           7
Apprentice             9
Novice                  25
Member                37


2005  January
“Walking the Boards”,
classes, judging, rank promotions
Guildmistress            Mistress Therese of the White Griffin
Chronicler                 Lord Agnarr Kloengsson
Exchequer                THLord Donal O’Brien
Masters                    Master Atar
Master                      Timotheus
Branchmaster           Dona Linda Del Lago (Dun Or)
BranchScribe            Lord Sigmund Svertingsson (Dun Or)
Branchmaster           THLady Jeanne Marie Lacroix (Inland Empire)
BranchScribe            Lady Elspeth Charissa aus Reinwald (Inland Empire)
Branchmaster           Lady Lishka Cheglokova (Over the Hill)
BranchScribe            ——- (Over the Hill)
Branchmaster           Lord Balthazar van der Brugghe (Angels)
BranchScribe            ——- (Angels)
Branchmaster           Lord Tighearnan Cearrbhach O’Faolain (Lyondemere)
BranchScribe            Lady Christina O’Cleary (Lyondemere)


2005  April
Guild Meeting at House Zacharia (hosted by Master Timotheus and Mistress Lynnette, judging


2005  July
Guild Meeting in Lyondemere (hosted by Master Tofi), class, judging
Darkwell War judging


2005  October
Great Western War 9 Brewing Contest


2005  November
Guild Meeting at White Wolf Meadery (hosted by Lady Ingilborg)
Created the new Starkhafn Branch


2005  December
“Walking the Boards” party, class, judging, rank promotion


2006  February
Guild Meeting at House Zacharia (hosted by Master Timotheus and Mistress Lynnette, class, judging, introduction of 2 new members


2006  April
Spring Crown Tourney, booth, judging


2006  June
Guild Meeting at House Zacharia (hosted by Master Timotheus and Mistress Lynnette),
report of Guild activies for the past quarter, judging, introduction of a new brewer, classes


2006  September
Guild Meeting at Fall Crown Tourney held in the Canton of Gallavally, Barony of Dreiburgen.
There was a very quick review of Guild activities for the past quarter and some judging.


2006  October
Great Western War was cancelled this year due to site issues.
The Great Western War Brewing Contest has been postponed to 2007.


2006  November
Guild Meeting at White Wolf Meadery (hosted by Lady Ingilborg).
A number of new people attended.
There were reports for each branch, lots of food, and a great deal of judging.


2006  December
Journeyman Kurt von Arriksleva has passed away.
He was a valued member of the Caid Brewers Guild.
A Journeyman brewer, two time Guild Master, three time Guild Secretary, one time Guild Chronicler, Senior Judge, and the Guild’s beer judging expert.
As well a heck of nice guy.
He was one of the longest termed members of the guild, having joined in our 3rd year, 18 years ago.
He has been a source of energy, “out of the box thinking”, and hard work in the guild.
He will be sorely missed.


2007  January
“Walking the Boards” party was held at Baroness Jeanne Marie’s house.
Eight classes taught, about 25 brews judged, and a good number of people promoted in rank.
Baroness Therese has agreed to continue as Guildmistress for another year.
Lady Alais de St Germain is the Guild’s new Scribe.


2007  April
Guild Meeting for the second quarter was held at Crown Tourney in Starkhafn.
There was a light turnout to the meeting.


2007  May
The Starkhafn branch is dissolved.


2007  July
The third quarter Guild Meeting was hosted by Reinhardt Medebruer and Alais de St Germain.
A few people showed up for a quick business meeting and judging a number of fine brews.


2007  October
The 3rd Annual InterKingdom Brewing Competition was held at Great Western War X.
The contest had 38 entries from 15 contestants. The Best of Show was Baroness Jeanne Marie Lacroix’s Raspberry Vinegar.


2007  November
The fourth quarter Guild Meeting was hosted by Master Tim and Mistress Lynnette.