The Right Noble Order of
The Brewer’s Guild of Caid

The Brewers’ Guild of Caid was founded in September of 1985. On 11/01/1997 TRMs Joseph and Caroline awarded the guild Right Noble status for service to Caid.

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The Brewer’s Guild of Caid is here for all brewers, guild members or not. Our members have info about all types of brewing, Our judges have experience evaluating, suggesting improvements, and suggesting other directions to take your brewing. Find out more about us here and join us on Facebook to continue get to know us.

The Purpose of the Guild:

  • To provide standardization in the art of brewing
  • To provide instruction in the art of brewing to any who are interested
  • To teach the major drinks and varieties
  • To provide information for other groups and help them in their studies
  • To help maintain the integrity of a non-alcoholic site
  • To educate the populous in safe, responsible drinking practices
  • To provide trained judges for all brewing events

The Brewer’s Guild Charter

The Guild’s charter spells out what we do, and how we do it. The Guildmaster has the ability to make changes to the charter and the Guild’s Council can also vote inchanges. All of which is spelled out in the charter.