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Kingdom of Caid


Purpose of the Guild is...
  • To provide standardization in the Art of Brewing
  • To provide instruction in the Art of Brewing to any who are interested
  • To teach the major drinks and varieties
  • To provide information for other groups and help them in their studies
  • To help maintain the integrity of a non-alcoholic site
  • To educate the populous in safe, responsible drinking practices
  • To provide trained judges for all Brewing events
Regional Branches
The Dreiburgen Branch includes the Barony of Dreiburgen.
The Lyondemere Branch includes the Barony of Lyondemere.
The Isles Branch includes the Shire of Isles.
Brewers' Guild Council

Guild Officers
The Guildmaster is
The Brewing Contest Coordinator is
The Chronicler is
The Exchequer is
The Judge Coordinator
The Scribe is
The Webwright is

Branch Officers
The Dreiburgen Branchmaster is
The Dreiburgen Branch Scribe is

The Lyondemere Branchmaster is ThLord Geoffry Brewer
The Lyondemere BranchScribe is currently vacant

The Isles Branchmaster is Thorbjorn.
The Isles Branch Scribe is THLady Gwen Hir

Other Members
Master Brewer
Master Brewer Baroness Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Grandmaster Brewer Master Atar Bahkter
The King and Queen of Caid

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