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Intro To Brewing
Basic Brewing: Introduction to Meads, Wines, Beers, Cordials, and Exotics* by Lord Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair
Yet Another Newbie Guide to BrewingBy HL Ronan Meade
Mead in the SCA: Part 1 – “How to Get Started”*

SCA Brewing Recipes & Research
Recreating Medieval English Ales by Tofi Kerthjalfadsson* a recreation of late 13th – 14th c. unhopped English ales.
An Arab Mead by Forester Nigel FitzMaurice* a brief paper on a peculiar drug found in an Arab formulary, which could easily become a pyment mead.
Five Arabic Elixirs by Forester Nigel FitzMaurice*
a short paper on several 9th century Iraqi medicinal preparations which could easily be the basis for basic cordials. This is the same formulary noted in the above paper “An Arab Mead”, and contains that recipe, with the original measuring units given.
A Miscellany of Early Cordials by Forester Nigel FitzMaurice* a collection of cordial recipes
A Recipe for Spiced Wine by Forester Nigel FitzMaurice*
 a brief commentary on a claree recipe found in a late-13th century Anglo-Norman manuscript.
Sekanjubins and Oxymels by Forester Nigel FitzMaurice* a short review of these non-alcoholic preparations found throughout the Middle East. This paper is the basis for a class I teach on the topic.
Master Terafan Greydragon’s Beer Recipes of the Month* German Wheat Beer and William Harrison’s Wife’s Ale
Master Terafan Greydragon’s Mead ( or Honey based) Recipes* several mead recipes

Historical Brewing Publications
The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby* 1669. Project Gutenberg
The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet* 1670. Project Gutenberg
The London and Country Brewer* 1736. Project Gutenberg

Period Recipes
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Brewing*
Sahti – A Remnant of Finland’s Rustic Past – Brewing*
Age, Clarity, and Smoke in Medieval Beers*
Cindy Renfrow – A Sip Through Time – Recipes*

Modern Recipes
Almond Liqueur* by Lynnette de Sandoval
Boysenberry Mead* by Lynnette de Sandoval
Brandied Lemonade* by Donal O’Brien
Chocolate Covered, Almond Stuffed, Brandied Cherries* by Lynnette de Sandoval
Basic Hippocras Recipe* by Donal O’Brien
Pyment (aka Ypocras, Hypocrass)* by Lynnette de Sandoval
Rumtopf – Documentation and Care and Feeding* by Lynnette de Sandoval
Make Your Own Sodas* by Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Syrups, By Primary Ingredient Compiled by Baroness Selene Colfox 30+ Medieval syrup recipes. They use: sugar, honey, vinegar, flowers, fruit, and/or herbs.
Brewed Holiday Gift Ideas* by Lynnette de Sandoval

Articles & Class Notes
Don’t Sass Me About Sassafras!* By Journeyman Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios
Anatomy of a Bottle Label* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Brewing Documentation Examples
Beginning Brewing Class Notes (PDF)* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Another Beginning Brewing Class Notes* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Varietal – A Brewer’s Friend (PDF) Class handout By Brewmaster Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Basic Wine Making Class Notes (PDF)* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Techniques of Making Grape Wine* by Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Intermediate / Advanced Brewing Notes (PDF)* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Miscellaneous Brewing Notes (PDF)* By Brewmaster Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling

Caid Guild Newsletters
In Vino Veritas – Fall 2010 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Winter 2009 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Spring 2009 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Spring 2008 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Fall Winter 2007 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Summer 2007 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Spring 2007 – PDF
In Vino Veritas – Fall / Winter 2005 – PDF
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In Vino Veritas – Winter 2003 – PDF

Other Brewers Guilds
Kingdom of Aethelmearc Brewer’s Guild
Kingdom of Atenveldt Brewer’s Guild
Kingdom of Atlantia Brewers Guild
Calontir Brewers’ Guild Yahoo Group* and Facebook page*
The East Kingdom Brewers’ Guild
Kingdom of Lochac Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild
Kingdom of the Outlands Guild of Brewers and Spirit Makers
Trimaris Brewers Facebook Page*
Kingdom of the West Brewers’ Guild
Principality of the Mists (West) Brewers’ Guild Page
Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild
Medieval Brewers Home Page*
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage*


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Reference sources from Scum*, the newsletter of the AEthelmearc/East brewers guilds


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